Thursday, May 25, 2017

One last post.....

We have had a fun couple of days at Camp Skeeter. We have read stories, made a packing list of what we would take camping with us, played some camp games, and watched Parent Trap.   Thank you all for the camp letters to your children.  They were surprised and enjoyed the personal letters!  Today we will design some Camp Skeeter t-shirts.  We will also write in our Camp Skeeter journals.

We also had one last day with our kindergarten buddies and played summer BINGO!

Mr. Miller allowed all 1st and 2nd graders to jump in some bounce houses yesterday since we did not get to go swimming.  The kids had fun and had popsicles after jumping too!  It was a nice substitute for swimming!

Today we will have our final assembly at Stewart School for the 2nd graders.  Mr.  Miller does a nice job of making students feel important and letting them know they will be missed as they move on to Lincoln!

My final thoughts to each of you.  I don't really handle the last day of school so well, as I will miss your children.   I have enjoyed getting to know each of you and each of them.  They have all grown up so much and are ready for Lincoln!  I know they will all do great things!

I wish you all a safe and wonderful summer!  A few pictures from camp games are posted below!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Visiting Lincoln

We had a great  visit to Lincoln this morning.  Students were able to meet all the 3rd grade teachers from this year as well as Mrs. Beenblossom, the principal.  Lincoln also has a therapy dog, so students met Coral too!  That was pretty exciting.   The third grade teachers spoke briefly with our 2nd graders and then gave them all a tour!  We talked about the visit once we got back to Stewart!  I think there are a few who are nervous and uneasy, and there are many who are very excited!  Everyone is ready to move on to 3rd grade!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Track and Field Day

We had a GREAT Track and Field Day this morning!  A special thank you to all the parents that helped us out today.  A huge thank you to Mrs. Conrad for practicing and preparing the kids for today and organizing all the events!  Students participated in 9 different events - softball throw, beanbag toss, frisbee throw, long jump, hurdles, 50 yd dash, shuttle run, obstacle course, and 400 yd run!

Layla's Mom
Blaine's Mom
Gryffin's Mom
Teage's Mom
Grady's Mom
Kylee's Mom
Cate's Mom
Ellie's Dad
Tyler's Mom
Colbie's Mom

Every student earned a Participant Ribbon!

Three students from each group who showed great sportsmanship throughout the morning were chosen by the chaperones! Congratulations to Brawk, Ashton, Johannah, Ellie Colbie, Layla, and Kylee!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Week of May 15, 2017

I just got home from a fantastic 2nd grade music program.  I hope you enjoy the pictures posted below!!!!  Your children did an amazing job.  Thank you for bringing them to the auditorium tonight!

Please continue to read as I have a few other pieces of info listed below all these pictures!!!!!

I am hoping by the time you read this, you all know that our Track and Field Day has been moved to Monday, May 22.  If you were planning on helping and still can, that is great and I think most of you have let Mrs. Conrad or I know.  If you were not helping on Friday, but you are available on Monday, we would love to have you.  Please just let me know!

Our year is quickly winding down.  It is hard for me to believe there are very few days left.  We are starting to slowly clean desks out, so you will notice things coming home.  I like to send things gradually, so it's not so much of a shock on that last day of school!

I will be binding 2nd grade portfolios this weekend.  Those will probably come home on Tuesday!  The students are very excited to see the finished products, I think!

Have a wonderful weekend!